PLEASE NOTE: There is an application/processing fee associated with an application for each Application for a Coordination or Revision to Coordination Parameters.

This fee must be paid before your application will be fully approved by the orrc.  You will be notified by email once your application has been reviewed, and approved or rejected by the ORRC board.   Please do not pay your application fee until you have received a notification of approval along with the required application code, which will be provided in the email notification.

If your transmitter and receiver are not located at the same geographical location, please submit a separate application for the receiver site.  There is no fee for a site where only a receiver is located.

To remain an active member of the ORRC you must pay membership dues one time during each calendar year.

Membership is separate from any fees associated with one or more applications for new or revisions to coordination parameters.

To pay any fees please select the "FEES & DUES" option in the main menu bar above, and follow the instructions found in the displayed page.

Before completing an application for a new coordination, or to revise any coordination parameters, it is recommended that you follow the preparatory steps listed in the Guidelines and Section I of the ORRC Coordination Application procedure.  To review this document click here.

To obtain a printable copy of the recommended Effective Receiver Sensitivity Calculations procedure click here.

If this is your first coordination application with the ORRC it is highly recommended that you print and complete the configuration worksheet provided to assist you in completing the online coordination application.  If you get to a point where you do not have the requested information you will not be able to save your work and will need to start over when you have the requested information.

The configuration work sheet may be obtained here

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If the next board meeting is less than two weeks away, please be aware that your application may not be processed in time for the meeting. Therefore, no action may be taken on your application at the board meeting. You may continue to submit your application, but board action may be delayed.