ORRC 70 centimeter Band Plan

70 cenitmeter plans

The following repeater frequencies are designated as Local Area Repeater Systems (LARS).  LARS are defined as low power repeaters operating at or near average terrain such as homes and community centers.  LARS may be coordinated for local community service and are Shared, Non-Protected, Non-Exclusive repeater systems.  A coordination for LARS has the following requirements;

Maximum 25 watts ERP, may not have an antenna elevation of more than 25 feet above ground level, and must use PL encode/decode or similar access management methods.  The LARS frequencies are 440.2250, 440.7500, and 442.1000, which will be assigned on a diversity spaced basis.

The Frequency of 440.2750 has been established for portable or temporary repeaters.  The implementation of access management such as PL encode/decode is strongly recommended.  No permanent/fixed repeater systems maybe established on this frequency.

The following frequencies have been set aside for Winlink 2K frequencies for WL2K RMS gateway operations exclusively.

440.9875 - 9600 baud
441.0375 - 9600 baud
441.0625 - 9600 baud
441.5250 - 9600 baud