Permits Expiring Within The Last Two Years

The ORRC may de-coordinate a system only for the following:

The following frequencies are currently assigned to STA or Construction Permits that have not been updated within the required ORRC defined period.  Therefore, these permits have expired and the frequencies are available for reassignment to other coordinations.

145.2700Elk MountainK7ICPAA7JSK7ICP08-18-20145
145.4900Eight Dollar MountainK7ICPAA7JSK7ICP03-01-20055
146.6400Fiddler MountainK7LIXAA7JSK7LIX06-12-20225
146.7600Fielder MountainK7ICPAA7JSK7ICP06-08-20225
147.0000Long Butte East SideKC7DMFKC7DMFKC7DMF06-12-20227
147.1400Bluey MountainK7ICPAA7JSK7ICP03-25-20155
147.3400King MountainK7ICPAA7JS08-12-20085
440.4750Bear MtnN7GWAN7GWA06-12-20224
443.0750Mount Hood Medical CenterN7LFN7LF12-05-20203
444.1250Old BaldyN7ZMRN7ZMRN7ZMR03-12-20225